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JVC DLA-X5900WE Projector

JVC DLA-X5900WE (White) DILA Projector HDR 4K eShift. Graded stock. Very good condition. 1 Year Product Warranty. 3 Months Lamp Warranty. Please message us for more information. With enhancements to its 4K e-shift and HDR compatibility, the JVC DLA-X5900 makes the most of all your UHD sources. 4K resolution with e-shift technology for stunning realism and detail JVC's unique e-shift technology virtually doubles resolution in the vertical and horizontal directions by shifting pixels to produce 4K resolution from a native or lower resolution signal. Using Multiple Pixel Control (MPC) image processing based on the DLA-Z1, for even greater clarity through more accurate diagonal detection. Superior to conventional upscaling, 4K e-shift gives exceptional detail and precision. HDR auto detection and HLG The latest JVC projector now switches automatically to HDR mode when an HDR10 signal is detected. Also now standard is compatibility with HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma). HLG is a broadcast and user generated standard format that is becoming more popular with transmitting HDR signals. Outstanding brightness The combination of a 265W high-power bulb and D-ILA technology gives the DLA-X5900 exceptional brightness levels. With a brightness figure of 1800lm, you can comfortably watch the JVC in all lighting conditions. Brighter images are also more realistic, drawing you into the action. Low Latency Mode for improved gaming Playing 4K/HDR games on the big screen offers the ultimate thrill. The DLA-X5900 offers a low latency mode that delivers a significant reduction in frame delay. This gives you faster response times for instant action. Motion Enhance – Blur Reduction Technology Working in conjunction with Clear Motion Drive, Motion Enhance technology minimises motion blur significantly by optimizing the drive of the D-ILA device. Motion Enhance is also compatible with 4K and 3D signals to give a smooth and detailed image for a variety of scenes. Lens memory function Another impressive feature with the DLAX5900 is the lens memory setting, letting you store up to five custom zoom, focus and lens shift positions. This is ideal when switching between different aspect ratios as it allows for a constant image height. Bright, smooth-motioned, ideal for gaming and flexible, the JVC DLA-X5900 leads the field. (Pictures for illustration purposes only).